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Benefits Of A Sex Coach?

There are numerous benefits you can get by seeing a sex coach professionally to help you with your sexual issues. At Scarlet Lotus Coaching, we believe that Sex Coaching can help resolve many relationship problems, make people happier, and thus make the world a better place.

  • Sex Coaches help people maximize their sexual skills and couples create greater intimacy.

  • Sex Coaches help single people move their relationship from dating to sexual intimacy, to long-lasting love affairs and marriage.

  • Sex Coaches help couples explore their sexual boundaries and experience more creative romance and sexual adventures.

  • Sex Coaches help people heal shame and guilt, learn self-love and body acceptance, as well as gain greater self-confidence, and become sexually empowered.

  • Sex Coaches teach individuals how to become more orgasmic and how to pleasure themselves.

  • Sex Coaches help individuals enjoy a happier, more satisfying, joyful, fulfilling sex and love life.

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What Can You Expect?

A free discovery call where we discuss your issues and the goals you'd like to obtain. Once an agreement is reached to move forward, I will complete an assessment with you and/or your partner.


The information gathered from the assessment will allow me to develop a customized plan for you that directly addresses your issues and help you overcome identified barriers and obtain your desired results. Homework will be assigned and expected to be completed which will be discussed in detail during the next session.

All sessions are virtual and held via telephone or Zoom Video conferencing – so you can literally be anywhere in the world in the comfort of your home!
If you read the above and what I've said has piqued your interest in any way, contact me today for a free consultation. We can discuss your issues, goals, and if my program is the right fit for you, start the journey to having the best sex of your life!

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